Geek Tech Branding

was created to help companies select the right tech-oriented promotional merchandise for their specific budget and needs. We have a specialized team of audiophiles and tech-geeks that understand the “latest and greatest” in tech products, including speakers, earbuds, headphones, power banks, charging cables and laptop bags.

Our niche is concentrated almost exclusively on branded tech merch. There are hundreds of companies that spend their time on keychains, stress balls, pencils, T-shirts, koozies and other non-tech promotional commodities with a low threshold of knowledge. Instead, our team focuses specifically on understanding, studying and testing electronics, audio gear and tech-oriented products and their performance.

There are so many nuances in tech products including sound quality, product safety and certifications, component and factory integrity, amperage, wattage, voltage, charge speed, performance and other issues that can be a determining factor.

So our job is to do the research, read the spec sheets, test the products and give you the best suggestions for your specific needs, budget and objectives.

How can we help you to find the best branded swag that your employees and customer will use and enjoy for many years?

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