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Are You Too Busy Doing Grunt Work To Actually Plan Your Business?

Does Your To Do List Get In the Way of Your Success?

Austin, Texas: Do you ever wonder that you are spending too much time on the every day minutiae to see the big picture for your business?

After all, how can you grow your business if you are just putting out fires and crossing off things on your to-do list?

I got a call the other day for a time-saving piece of software and I automatically told the salesperson that i wasn’t interested and politely disengaged without giving it much thought.

My mistake? Very possible.

It reminded me of this simple cartoon.

are we too busy to concentrate on our professional sales growth?







We may be missing opportunities to scale our business to greater heights, or enter new markets – if we can just get out of our own way.

Are we too busy to recognize opportunity or pursue new projects because we keep doing things the same way–week after week- month after month–year after year?

I am challenging myself for the next 30 days to answer every sales call, to see if there is something I may actually need to grow our business or to save time and money.

I will also try to look at every ad in the business publications and websites that I subscribe to in these next 30 days to see what i may be missing out on.

I challenge you to do the same.

After all, would you have been that caveman in the cartoon that missed out on the wheel because you were “happy enough” or “too busy” with the status quo?

I shudder to think that caveman might have been me.

It won’t be any longer!

Here’s to your continued personal and professional growth!


Robert Piller is President of GeekTechBranding.com, the leader in high tech promotional products for all occasions and events.–including custom packaging and custom promotional products. Since 1981, Robert Piller has been working with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, law firms, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, startups and other organizations, to market and promote their businesses using the latest and most cost-effective marketing strategies and incentives.

He is a frequent writer and speaker on marketing and technology topics and loves to share and exchange ideas. Feel free to reach him through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, by email (robert [at] geektechbranding.com) or through this blog

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