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How to Increase Sales By Creating a Niche in Your Business

Why it Makes Marketing Sense to Create a Niche for Your Business

by Robert Piller

If you look up promotionalwhat is your marketing niche? products distributors, you will probably find over 30,000 listings. If you narrow it down to your specific city, you’ll probably find at least 50– of all sizes and reputations.

So, how do we compete and stay competitive?

How does Geek Tech Branding continue to grow market share significantly year after year?

We focus on one specific niche–promotional tech products.

It is that simple–we focus on one niche–and we crush it!

We know imprinted tech products better than anyone –so when clients and prospects have questions on promotional power chargers for their brand marketing — or about imprinted Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a conference of for client gifts –we can give them the best advice.

Our team goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas as well as other industry-specific conferences and events.

We read industry publications, blogs, review sites, websites, forums and we take factory tours.

We sample and test products, talk to factory reps, get involved in beta tests and product development meetings and go overseas to see how and where these electronic products are made.

We take advanced classes on product safety and CPSIA – to ensure that our clients are protected when they choose their promotional tech gifts.

We go the extra mile in continuing education on tech products — because it is our only focus.

Bottom line, we know imprinted tech products better than anyone else and that has immense value to our clients.

After all, how can you be an expert in tech products if you spend most of your time selling cheap ballpoint pens, imprinted 99 cent tote bags, fridge magnets and 39 cent key tags?  You can’t be.

Bottom line- become an expert in one niche and satisfy those clients looking for advice and guidance in that area.

Being a jack-of-all-trades or a generalist just does not cut it these days.

Bottom line, people want expertise and if you cannot provide it, you will lose sales and opportunities to those that can offer guidance and sound advice.

Customers are demanding and expecting value for their purchases — so you need to help them make the best decisions for their dollars.

What niche are you serving?

If you don’t have one if you want to survive– and to thrive yet, it is time to go back to the drawing board and create your own niche and point of differentiation.

Happy Marketing!

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Robert Piller is President of GeekTechBranding.com, the leader in high tech promotional products for all occasions and events.–including custom packaging and custom promotional products.

Geek Tech Branding is a third-generation company that began in 1956 selling imprinted calendars and writing instruments and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of imprinted technology and promotional electronic gifts in the country.

Robert Piller has been working with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, law firms, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, startups and other organizations to market and promote their businesses  and improve their branding.

He is a frequent writer and speaker on marketing and technology topics and loves to share and exchange ideas. Feel free to reach him through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, by email (robert [at] geektechbranding.com) or through this blog

GeekTechBranding.com offers the latest high-tech promotional products –including imprinted power chargers and power sticks, imprinted Bluetooth speakers and promotional ear buds, custom printed tablet sleeves,  branded iPhone cases, imprinted USB car chargerspromotional stylus pens, promotional USB drives and hubs and more — all imprinted with your company’s name and logo.

Defining Your Marketing Strategy and Creating a Niche

Being first to market can be better than being bestCreating a Point of Differentiation in Your Marketing Strategy

Austin, Texas: Burger King  announced recently that it would only be using cage-free eggs starting in 2017.  According to an article in GreenBiz.com, “the Miami-based company is pledging to switch to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2017 and to eliminate gestation crates for breeding pigs. While other chains already use some cage-free eggs, the news marks the first time a major U.S. fast-food chain is going completely cage-free.”

Now, I’m not really sure that there was a clamoring of fast food customers insisting on cage-free eggs – or even knowing the difference in where their eggs come from.

But Burger King, who has just launched a new menu and massive advertising campaign are trying to establish a position in the minds of consumers — first in category.

According to the classic marketing book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk!, by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the first law is ” The Law of Leadership“:  Being first  is better than being the better”.

Establishing a foothold in a category is crucial.  Burger King has obviously done their market research and found that a segment of the marketplace cares about where their eggs come from.  If so, it can be a vistory for the chain.

Personally, I think the niche is too narrow–it’s not service oriented.

It’s not taste oriented.

It’s not cleanliness oriented.

It’s not speed oriented.

Any of which might have been a better “first in category” claim.

However, they have carved out a new marketing category that they think will be successful.

What is your marketing strategy?

We took the route of being the first in digital incentives at the time when most companies were still offering hard good rewards–televisions, stereos, appliances, etc.  This has helped us stand out from the crowd, as businesses seek out incentives that can be rewarded through QR codes, peel off stickers and unique codes on their website, such as prepaid movie ticketsmusic download cardsmagazine subscriptions, fitness program downloads, cell phone skins and more.

Being first in a category can help you to create ownership of that niche–and set you apart from your competition.

When companies want old school incentives, they will seek out my competition.  That market is too cluttered to make an impact.

If they want to reach a younger demographic, for things such as college recruiting gifts, wellness program incentives and on-pack rewards, our company is top of mind.

What can your company do to establish a new category from which to differentiate yourself?

Give it some careful thought and you can reap the benefits of being first in a sub-category.  It often beats trying to be all things to all parties.


Robert Piller is President of GeekTechBranding.com, the leader in promotional products aimed at a tech audience. Since 1981, Robert Piller has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups and other organizations to market and promote their businesses using the latest and most cost-effective marketing strategies and incentives.

He is a frequent writer and speaker on marketing topics and loves to share and exchange ideas. He can be reached through LinkedIn, Twitter, by email (robert [at] geektechbranding.com) or through this blog

GeekTechBranding.com offers the latest hi-tech promotional products –including imprinted speakers and ear buds, tablet and cell phone cases and bags, promotional stylus pens, imprinted chargers, USB drives and hubs and more — all imprinted with your company’s name and logo.